Partnerships and Collaborations

NiftyOcean believes partnerships and collaborations may shape the future of digital art and non-fungible token. We have a lively ecosystem of artists, creators, tech innovators, and blockchain aficionados, and we know that our partnerships make us who we are.

Our collaborators include established artists, up-and-coming artists, game developers, and tech platforms. These collaborations add a variety of distinctive, diverse, and innovative NFT collections to our marketplace, making it more appealing and reaching more populations.

We seek to create value for our partners by providing a strong, safe, and user-friendly platform to mint and sell their NFTs, and for our users by curating a wide variety of high-quality, authentic, and unique NFTs to collect and invest in.

We believe in the growth and success of new relationships. We encourage artists, blockchain startups, and entertainment companies to help us change digital ownership and creation. We can change NFTs together.

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